Core Values

We value TRUTH, therefore, we are committed to teaching the entire Bible in a variety of settings with an emphasis on practical life application.

We value WORSHIP, therefore, we honor God in all of life as well as the services of the church, with a variety of expressions that are consistent with His character.

We value PEOPLE, therefore, we seek to help individuals know Christ and live life in accordance with His will

We value GODLINESS, therefore, we encourage each other to become like Christ and please Him in every way.

We value FAMILY, therefore, we provide opportunities to strengthen marriages, homes, and individuals.

We value SERVICE, therefore, we equip believers to use their gifts and abilities to do the work of ministry.

We value PRAYER, therefore, we offer supplications, intercession and giving of thanks as expressions of our appreciation to God and our dependence on Him.

We value EXCELLENCE, therefore, we pursue optimum quality in all we do to give the right opinion of God.

We value STEWARDSHIP, therefore, we encourage people to be faithful with all God has entrusted to them.